Drying & Curing Time

Drying and Curing is a two-stage process.  First ECOBASE™ Soil Stabilizer (Ecobase) dries and then it cures.  Newly installed Ecobase can be used as intended as soon as the surface dries with no permanent damage.  Any surface deformations can be rectified before it fully dries. 

Drying Time cannot be predicted with absolute accuracy because drying is an evaporative process that depends on climatic factors such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind and cloud conditions.  Ecobase stabilized soil does not 'set' like concrete through a purely chemical process.  On a hot sunny day, the top surface of the stabilized soil will dry within a few hours.  However, on a cool cloudy day, it could take a full day or more for the stabilized soil to dry.  When planning an Ecobase  installation, ample time should be allowed for the treated soil to dry and it is better to plan on the weather being unfavorable than to plan on favorable weather.

Curing Time is longer.  Ecobase stabilized soil achieve maximum resistance to water infiltration after it fully cures.  The complete curing process takes approximately 28 days, depending on climatic condition and traffic pattern.  If flooding or total water  submersion occurs before the Ecobase stabilized soil has fully cured, the pavement will not have maximum resistance to water invasion that comes from below, lateral and above.

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