ECOBASE™ works by improving the CBR (California Bearing Ratio - Shear Strength) and PI (Plasticity Index) of the insitu soil.


Independent test data conducted in USA, showed typical CBR increases of 250% to 300% with ECOBASE™ SS formulation.


Independent test data conducted in USA, showed improvements in PI of the treated soil by 50%.

Depending on the local condition and cohesive nature of the soil, we will apply the following product(s) accordingly.

ECOBASE™ Soil Stabilizer (SS)

ECOBASE™ SS is almost colourless, viscous and highly concentrated. It is environmentally safe and does not require any hazardous warning labels; it may be stored for extended periods of time in steel containers. It is non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-allergenic and non-toxic. ECOBASE™ SS is composed of virgin raw materials and contains no recycled materials or petroleum by-products. It may freeze at less that 30° F (0° C), but returns to identical characteristics after thawing, rolling the drums or agitation. When used as designed and directed, ECOBASE™ SS meets all U.S.A. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements and standards.

ECOBASE™ Sealant - Erosion Control, Dust & Water Permeability Control

ECOBASE™ Sealant is milky white in appearance and highly concentrated. It contains powerful co-polymers developed to penetrate and create a hard, resilient surface by cementing loose material of the road base into a tight bond. When professionally applied, ECOBASE™ Sealant will harden to remain dust-free, water-resistant and will enhance surface anti-skid qualities. It also provides a strong barrier against the effects of freeze-thaw cycles.

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