EcoPlus CeMax™

EcoPlus CeMax™ is a proprietary powdered blend of polymer modified cementitious material that is suitable for soil stabilisation. CeMax™ has been specially formulated to handle challenging soil and weather conditions usually found in the tropics.

CeMax™ can be used as a single product in place of your chosen traditional stabiliser or cement.

For optimum results, CeMax™ should be used in conjunction with EcoPlus HPA as prescribed under our innovative EcoPlus™ DCSS System.

Available only for projects fulfilling BOTH the following minimum requirements.

* Stabilization Area: 50,000 square metres

* Volumetric Soil Stabilisation: 7,500 cubic metres

For more details, please contact us.

 Ecobase Stabilised Earth Trail

Ecobase Stabilised Earth Trail

 Ecobase Stabilized Earth Trail

Ecobase Stabilised Earth Trail

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