CBR & PI Testing Equipment

Recommended Manufacturers of Testing Equipment

Humboldt KSE 

We recommend only in-situ (on-site) CBR testing of our soil stabilizer as it accurately reflects actual conditions rather than using other in-door laboratory testing methods which are inaccurate for our purpose. 

California Bearing Ratio Test (Shear Strength, CBR)

Dual Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

Humboldt Dual-Mass DCP (Dynamic Cone Penetrometer)

KSE Sapper

KSE SAPPER (Semi Automated Portable Penetrometer Electronic Recorder)

Plasticity Index (PI) Test (Testing Atterberg Limits)

 Humboldt H-4230

Liquid Limit Apparatus (Casagrande Method) 

 Humboldt H-4236

Fall Cone Apparatus

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