EcoPlus™ DCSS System (New)

EcoPlus™ Dual-Component Soil Stabilization (DCSS) System is designed to be applied as a dual-component system comprising of a liquid component and a dry component. The two components are applied and mixed with in-situ soil.

EcoPlus™ DCSS System allows for the treatment of a much wider range of soil types including highly plastic/clayey or sandy soil while achieving higher strength and durability.

EcoPlus™ DCSS System can be adapted for use with all traditional stabilizers or cement related stabilization works allowing for lower stabilizer/cement requirements. Please contact us for more details.

 Ecobase Stabilised Earth Trail

Ecobase Stabilised Earth Trail

Advantages of the EcoPlus™ DCSS System.

  • Enhances the performance and durability of traditional stabilizer installations.
  • Allows traditional soil stabilizers to be compatible and operate in a wider range of soil types including high PI or clay content soil types.
  • Creates denser and stronger (higher strength) stabilized material compared to using traditional stabilizers alone.
  • Reduces the amount of traditional stabilizers required while achieving your required target standards.
  • Reduces the amount of shrinkage and cracks.
  • Reduces water infiltration.
  • Increased weather resistance.
  • Increased durability.
  • Reduces the need for undercut and back fill for wider range of previously unsuitable soil types.

For more details, please contact us.

 Ecobase Stabilized Earth Trail

Ecobase Stabilised Earth Trail

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