ECOBASE Soil Stabilizer

Primary Application: Soil Stabilization and Strengthener

Our ECOBASE™ Soil Stabilizer (SS) formulation has been in use for over nineteen years.

The Tropical Formulation, ECOBASE™ SS, has been specially blended for use on our soil and climatic conditions. ECOBASE™ SS improves the load bearing performance of a variety of clay and silty soils. It has been used world-wide for over sixteen years to strengthen insitu soil while controlling dust and erosion.

The polymeric reaction of ECOBASE™ SS forms a permanent bond with every soil particle. The treated soil becomes hydrophobic by eliminating the adsorption of water. The result is a material that is weatherproof, easily workable and can be compacted to a better particle-cohesion state by equipment and traffic.

Better particle-cohesion means higher internal friction and improved load bearing capability.

When properly applied, ECOBASE™ SS promotes a dense, chemically-bonded compaction of soil that is harder and water-resistant.

Unpaved ECOBASE™ SS roads are permanent and exceptionally long lasting. After curing, ECOBASE™ SS treated surface can be sealed with normal sealant or asphalt directly. Sub-base materials like gravels are no longer required, thus reducing overall construction cost of roads or any paved or unpaved ‘heavy-duty’ surfaces.

The ECOBASE™ SS Formula has been used successfully in plantation & oilfield roads, airstrips, off-shore platform fabrication plants, resort roads and agricultural project roads in Asia, Central America and South America where the climate is similar to Malaysia.

Product Description: ECOBASE™ SS is almost colourless, viscous and highly concentrated. It is environmentally safe and does not require any hazardous warning labels; it may be stored for extended periods of time in steel containers. It is non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-allergenic and non-toxic. ECOBASE™ SS is composed of virgin raw materials and contains no recycled materials or petroleum by-products. It may freeze at less that 30° F (0° C), but returns to identical characteristics after thawing, rolling the drums or agitation. When used as designed and directed, ECOBASE™ SS meets all U.S.A. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements and standards.

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